Relay Tester

The professional will offer technical assistance in investigating trouble complaints in managing relays. The Relay Tester will perform various field, shop and laboratory tests, repairs, inspections, etc. They will play an active role in making a minor calibration to electrical equipment such as voltage regulating devices, battery chargers, and circuit breakers. The tester helps in the operation and switching of substation equipment and switchyards during installation, testing, emergencies, and other trouble conditions.

They set up barricades and performs related general housekeeping functions necessary to maintain safe work areas. The tester performs other-directed assignments as required.

Job Description

The primary duty of Relay Tester is to install, maintain, and repair elaborate, protective relaying schemes. The tester should take responsibility for the remote control and data systems. They must also look into the protection of metering and other settings. The tester is responsible for placing the equipment in proper functioning conditions.  They use a standard schematic or wiring diagram to repair all relay and protective equipment that includes supervisory or carrier current relay equipment.


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